Welcome to the SciFi Diner where we serve up spicy conversations off the latest menu of SciFi Movies & Television Shows. For almost ten For almost fourteen years Scott Hertzog and Mile Mclaughlin began podcasting their love of all things sci-fi on the Sci-Fi Diner Podcast, informing their listeners on the latest sci-fi news and keeping the conversation going with them as they continue to celebrate this thing we call Science Fiction. Now they are joined by Dave, Chrissie, and M.


SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 218 – Conversations: M Dissects Transformers 4; Getting Miles Through Season 6 of Doctor Who, How Marvel Spoiled Captain America; and More.

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott, Miles, and M.



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In this chat we here from some of regular freinds of the show, Jen M chats about the Long Island ComicCon, Colin H serves up his point of viewon the Batman Superhero/Not a Superhero debate and Robert helps Scott and M convince Miles to hang on tight to the TARDIS door because it’s a great ride.  We chat about Defiance, Extent, Last Ship and along with some interesting TV we’ve got this summer.  A nod to our favorite Marvel Captain and listen to M transform at the mention of Michael Bay’s latest.


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