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Tonight's Menu: On this podcast, we share our Farpoint interview with author Jay Smith (award-winning author, audio dramatist, and podcaster responsible for the acclaimed audio horror series HG World and the pulp super-heroine radio serial Hidden Harbor Mysteries) Scifi Diner Podcast 361 - Our Interview with Jay Smith (award-winning author and audio dramatist HG World and Hidden Harbor Mysteries) This show is brought to you by Patreon Supporters: Jame Husband Mike Crate Support us on Patreon Special thanks to Lee Kemp who manages our Facebook page. Jay Smith is an award-winning author, audio dramatist, and podcaster responsible for the acclaimed audio horror series HG World and the pulp super-heroine radio serial Hidden Harbor Mysteries.   The Winston Casey Adventures is a 5-part mystery geek noir series available from Bathorian Books starting in 2016 beginning with the weird tale The Resurrection Pact. Jay other works include the short story collection Seven til Sunrise, and the gamer-geek satire Rise of the Monkey Lord  Jay appears on various podcasts including Behind the Screams, The Chronic Rift, and The Batcave Podcast. Jay holds a Master of Fine Arts from Seton Hill University's innovative Writing Popular Fiction program. CREATOR/WRITER/PRODUCER RADIO-FREE GOZERIA - A Ghostbusters Fancast (2016) • Creator/Writer, 3 episodes ​HG WORLD - A full-cast audio drama series (2009 - present) • Creator/Writer, 53 episodes • Engineer on Season Zero, Episodes 1-4 • Editor on Seasons Zero and One HG WORLD presents THE DIARY OF JILL WOODBINE, audio novel (2011 – 2013) • Writer/Editor, Episodes 1-27 HIDDEN HARBOR MYSTERIES, full-cast audio drama (2014) • Writer; produced by Lincoln Audio BLUE COLLAR GODS, audio novel (in production) • Writer; produced by Gypsy Audio WRITER ONDER LIBRUM/WONDERTHING STUDIOS (2015 - 2016) • Audio Drama based on worlds created by Ed Greenwood • "Your World Is Doomed!" by Ed Greenwood, Audio Drama Adaptation QUIRK FICTION/KEVIN DAVID ANDERSON & SAM STALL (2010) • Pilot audio drama scene   "Night of the Living Trekkies" Chapter 4 PRODUCER/CONTRIBUTOR/HOST HG WORLD AFTERPARTY (2009-2010) • Podcast featuring voice actors, novelists, celebrities in the horror/zombie genre; • A behind the scenes recap of HG World episodes BEHIND THE SCREAMS WITH BRYAN LINCOLN (2010-2011) • Podcast focusing on authors, performers and fans of the zombie genre. ​CONTRIBUTOR/HOST/INTERVIEWER/MODERATOR THE BATCAVE PODCAST (2014-present) • Contributor, with host John S. Drew discussing the classic 1960's television series. THE SCI-FI DINER PODCAST (2013) • Contributed segments interviewing actor Dan Aykroyd; profiled actors from the zombie film genre. THE CHRONIC RIFT (2008-2010, 2014) • Contributed a pop culture segment “My Guilty Pleasure”; hosted guest segments on pop culture segments; interviewed guests. ​EDUCATIONAL AND POP CULTURE ACTIVITIES •    Author Guest, ChessieCon (2016,2017) •    Panelist/Moderator/Presenter, Philcon (2003-2014, 2016-2017) •    Author Guest, TusCon 43 (11/11-13/2016) •    Author Guest, Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend,      Orlando. (2014) •    Attending Professional, DragonCon (2012, 2014) •    Guest/Panelist, Farpoint, Baltimore (2011-present) •    Guest/Panelist, Balticon (2011, 2012, 2014) •    Guest, "InfectScranton" (2012) •    Participant, Shore Leave, Baltimore MD (2011, 2012) •    Panelist, WizardWorld Philadelphia (2013) •    Speaker, Philadelphia Science Fiction Society (April 2013)


Dive into a world of pirates, plunder, and peril with this novel based on Rare’s thrilling adventure game, Sea of Thieves. Long ago, at the height of the Golden Age of Piracy, the infamous pirate Ramsey and his shipmates sacrificed everything to embark on an impossible journey into the Sea of Thieves. In the present day, Larinna, an ambitious stowaway determined to leave her mark on history, joins forces with a wild and adventurous captain seeking the greatest treasure ever buried. Separated by time but united by their drive to uncover the secrets of the Sea of Thieves, both crews will face tricks, traps, and malevolent horrors unleashed from the depths of the sea as each draws nearer to Athena’s Fortune. Take a deep breath and dive into an epic story based on Rare's thrilling shared-world adventure game Sea of Thieves, where aspiring pirates can set sail on exciting voyages. Discover the tales of famously fearsome pirates whose legends endure and whose plunder still lies buried, ready for the taking.

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It's been a long time and we miss you all. David, Scott and Jim have have been doing the Orbital Sword Podcast. But we are back to discuss the news on the newly anticipated Dune movie, coming out in November of 2020. We talk casting news.

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In 2259, Captain James T. Kirk is removed from command of the starship USS Enterprise for violating the Prime Directive after exposing the ship to the primitive inhabitants of the planet Nibiru in order to save them, and Spock, from a cataclysmic volcanic eruption. Admiral Christopher Pike is reinstated as commanding officer with Kirk demoted to the rank of Commander and first officer. Commander Spock is transferred to another ship. Shortly after, the Section 31 installation in London is bombed by renegade Starfleet operative John Harrison. Harrison attacks Starfleet Headquarters in a jumpship during an emergency meeting about the situation, killing Pike and other senior officers. Kirk disables the jumpship, but Harrison transports to Kronos, homeworld of the hostile Klingons. Admiral Alexander Marcus reinstates Kirk and Spock to Enterprise with orders to kill Harrison using a new long range stealth photon torpedo. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott objects to allowing untested torpedoes on board the ship without knowing their specifications; when he is overruled, he resigns. Kirk assigns Pavel Chekov to replace Scotty. En route to Kronos, Enterprise's warp capabilities become disabled. Kirk leads a team with Spock and Uhura onto the planet in a small landing craft, where they are ambushed by Klingon patrols who order them to land. Uhura leaves the landing craft to talk to the Klingons. They decide to kill Uhura, but Harrison suddenly appears and kills all the Klingons. After the battle, Harrison demands that Kirk tell him the number of torpedoes on board the Enterprise, surrendering when Spock tells him. Dr. Leonard McCoy and Marcus's daughter, Dr. Carol Marcus, open a torpedo at Harrison's behest, revealing a man in cryogenic stasis. Upon further investigation, all the other experimental torpedoes are revealed to similarly contain cryogenically frozen humans. Harrison is taken to the ship's brig, where he reveals his true identity as Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman awoken by Admiral Marcus from centuries of suspended animation to develop advanced weapons. Khan reveals that Marcus sabotaged Enterprise's warp drive, intending for the Klingons to destroy the ship after it fired on Kronos, creating an act of war by the Klingon Empire. Khan also gives Kirk a set of coordinates. Kirk contacts Scotty on Earth and asks him to investigate. Scotty discovers the coordinates lead to a covert Starfleet facility near Jupiter. Enterprise is intercepted by a much larger Starfleet warship, USS Vengeance, commanded by Admiral Marcus. Marcus demands that Kirk deliver Khan, but Enterprise flees to Earth to expose him. After Vengeance disables Enterprise near the Moon, Carol reveals her presence aboard the ship. Marcus forcibly transports Carol to Vengeance before ordering Enterprise's destruction. Kirk offers Khan and himself for the lives of his crew, but Marcus rejects Kirk's offer, revealing he never intended to spare them and orders Vengeance to attack. Vengeance suddenly loses power after being sabotaged by Scotty, who infiltrated the ship. With transporters down, Kirk and Khan, with the latter's knowledge of the warship's design, space-jump to Vengeance. Spock contacts his older self, who warns that Khan is ruthless and untrustworthy and that Khan's older self was only defeated at a terrible cost. After capturing the bridge, Khan overpowers Kirk, Scott and Carol, kills Marcus, and takes control of Vengeance. Khan demands that Spock return his crew in exchange for the Enterprise officers. Spock complies but surreptitiously removes Khan's frozen crew from the torpedoes and arms the warheads. Khan beams Kirk, Scott and Carol aboard Enterprise, but betrays their agreement by attacking Enterprise; however, Vengeance is disabled when the torpedoes detonate. With both starships caught in Earth's gravity, they plummet toward the surface. Kirk enters the radioactive reactor chamber to realign the warp core, sacrificing himself to save the ship. Khan crashes the Vengeance into downtown San Francisco in an attempt to destroy Starfleet headquarters. Khan escapes the wreckage so Spock transports down in pursuit. McCoy discovers that Khan's blood has regenerative properties that may save Kirk. Spock pursues Khan through the city and is about to kill him, but Uhura stops him. Khan's blood revives Kirk. One year later, Kirk speaks at Enterprise's re-dedication ceremony. Khan is sealed in his cryogenic pod and stored with his compatriots. The Enterprise crew embarks on a five-year exploratory mission.