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SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 211 - Our Interview with Star Trek Equinox

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Star Trek Equinox

Samantha Lockwood (Shoot the Hero and Mexican Gold), Cindy Pickett (Ferris Bueller's Day Off and St. Elsewhere), Camren T. Burton, Quintus McDonald (Pro Football player with the Indianapolis Colts), Parris Mayhew (Director of Onyx's 'Slam" and Founder of the Cro-mags), and Jason Genser join us to talk about Star Trek Equinox. Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time is a story told by actor John Savage to a room filled with lucky Star Trek fans turns out a script that some Star Trek veteran cast and crew have called “The best script we have read in 10 years!”. With Executive Producers in place, this INDEPENDENT production will be shot in 2014 in order to show the Star Trek community what episodes of Star Trek Equinox will look like. Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time stars acting veteran John Savage, reprising his role as Captain Rudy Ransom, iconic actor Gary Lockwood reprising his popular role of Gary Mitchell, best friend of James T. Kirk, in the classic Star Trek episode, “Where No Man Has Gone Before“, and introduces Blanca Blanco as Lieutenant Commander T’Lexa. Fifteen years after the destruction of the USS Equinox (approximate star date 2393) Captain Rudy Ransom, who was beamed from his doomed ship by the Krotownans, is held prisoner in the Delta Quadrant for crimes against the race including trespassing in Krowtownan space and the deaths of Krowtownan starship crew members. Captain Ransom has very few choices but one chance to return to the Alpha Quadrant some 30,000 light years away. If you'd like to help out Star Trek Equinox, go here. If you have questions about the show, about ideas we are discussing, or about ideas you would like us to discuss, or even if you just want to share your thoughts and comments about what we are discussing, please call us at toll free at 1.888.508.4343 or e-mail us scifidinerpodcast@gmail.com. We love to play listener calls and e-mails and use them to spark discussion.

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