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This past weekend I watched David Lynch's movie "Dune" on the big screen. One part that particularly stands out is the "thumper", a device that repetitively beats the ground in a rhythmic pattern. The protagonists of the movie use it to call these huge sandworms that they ride. In podcasting, especially here on the Podcasting Gear Show, my repetitive thumper is time efficiency in podcasting.  How can a podcaster put out the best product in the least amount of time?  This show is a continuation of that beating drum. Christopher Jones from the Ready Room Podcast joins me again to talk about an app that he uses to streamline and more efficiently edit his podcasts in Adobe Audition. The Actions App, which is available on the iPad, allows you to control your most used functions in your editing software at the click of a button on your iPad. You no longer have to drop a menu to carry out normalization of some other function you are trying to carry out. Instead, you simply click a button on your iPad and it is done. And the Actions App is not just for adito editing.  You can use it with e-mail, photo editing, and many more applications. Want to try it out for yourself? Listen to the show and find out how you can win one of three codes to download the Actions App for free.


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