This is the collective feed for the Podcasting Gear Show, The Dune Saga Podcast, the SciFi Diner Podcast, and the Haiti in Focus Podcast. These shows are hosted by Scott Hertzog, Miles. P. McLoughlin, David B. Moulton, Jim Arrowood, M. Sieiro Garcia, and Kristen Hertzog

Am I the master of technology, or is technology the master of me? In 2115, embedded chips, virtual reality, and the threat of extreme weather have led to a market for pod warehouses – businesses that offer a pod-like space that keeps a person’s body alive while the person lives entirely in virtual reality. But not everyone embraces technological advances, and a group of people have adopted the tech of 2005 while isolating themselves using a Faraday cage and a tesseract. Panacea Corp – the world’s most powerful corporation – connects them all through providing the metaverse, the pod warehouses, and the land to the technology resisters. Mariela Stafford, a vice president for Panacea Corp, is demoted after her new boss assigns his avatar to take over her job. Assisted by Amoco, an eccentric polymath who also works for the corporation, she schemes to get rid of the avatar. To delete the avatar, they’ll need to recruit a team to access an eighty-year-old server farm in a remote location—which would be a lot easier to do if the records on the location hadn’t been lost. This ‘earth’ opera—a tale with all the drama, expansiveness, and varied cast of a space opera, but set on earth—will appeal to anyone who’s ever felt out-of-control of technology. Panacea Genesis is book one in the pre-apocalyptic Panacea Trilogy.


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