Welcome to the SciFi Diner where we serve up spicy conversations off the latest menu of SciFi Movies & Television Shows. For almost ten For almost fourteen years Scott Hertzog and Mile Mclaughlin began podcasting their love of all things sci-fi on the Sci-Fi Diner Podcast, informing their listeners on the latest sci-fi news and keeping the conversation going with them as they continue to celebrate this thing we call Science Fiction. Now they are joined by Dave, Chrissie, and M.

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott, Miles, and Mary, The DVD Geeks' Televixen

Welcome to the Diner.

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On the menu tonight:

  • Stargate Atlantis Triva
  • Those shows which will not return: Dollhouse, Legend of the Seeker, Heroes, 24, Flash Forward, Lost
  • Those shows which will return: Vampire Diaries, Fringe, V, Caprica, Human Target, Dexter, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Smallville, Supernatural, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe.
  • Those shows which will debut: The Cape, The Event, No Ordinary Family, $#*! My Dad Says, Walking Dead.
  • Miles and the TWIST
  • Mary, the DVD Geeks' Televixen, brings The SciFi Five in Five.

Show News/Listener Feedback:

  • Facebook is now facebook.com/scifidiner
  • The shows listeners wanted to see.
    • Ra Do Definitely Fringe. Also Caprica (eventually). Not so much SGU.
    • Duncan M Fringe without a doubt. SGU has got better all the time so that also. Sanctuary smallville and supernatural (if they can really be classed as sci-fi, I think not but I enjoy them anyway). Caprica which will hopefully improve as I feel its a little to slow
    • Mike Crate SGU is the big one closely followed by Clone Wars whose season 3 trailer is very impressive.
    • Ra Do yeah, I like SW the Clone Wars too!
  • Comments about interview with Torri Higginson
  • Itunes reviews:  Where have they gone?

This Week’s Trivia:

Trivia: What name is given to the Atlantian vehicle which can move through stargates ? Prize: Two Starship Farragut Items: DVD of Powersource Animated Ep. and the Comic Book Dearly Departed You will have till August 30th to answer this question. Send your answer with your mailing address to scifidinerpodcast@gmail.com, call us at 18885084343, or DM us on Twitter at @scifidiner.

Podcast Promos:

* DVD Geeks * Lostcasting with Wayne and Dan Podcast

The Main Course:

TV News:

Ra Do About Lucas not having funding for the Star Wars live action TV series ?

Shows We Will Miss:

  • Flash Forward:
  • Dollhouse:
  • Lost:
  • 24:
  • Legend of the Seeker:

Returning Shows:


  • Dexter (Returns September 26)
  • The Big Bang Theory (Returns September 23) The show is moving to Thursday nights. That's the big news. Additionally, Sheldon and Mayim Bialik will be continuing what is certainly the most awkward romantic relationships on TV.
  • Chuck: Sept 20 Monday 8 NBC She'll be back. In this case, the "she" in question is Mama Bartowski, and she'll be played by the one and only Linda Hamilton. How cool is that? Also Dolph Lundgren, Olivia Munn, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Old Spice Guy will be put in guest appearances and likely make Chuck's life miserable.   Computer geek Chuck Bartowski opens an e-mail that has been subliminally encoded with vital government secrets, triggering a massive download of critical information into his brain. With assassins and international terrorists eager to nab Chuck's noggin, it falls to Maj. John Casey and his partner, CIA agent Sarah Walker, to protect the U.S. Government's newest and most unlikely secret agent.
  • Fringe Sept. 23rd 9 PM
  • Vampire Dairies Sept. 9 CW Our heads are still spinning from the season finale. Seriously, Katherine is one badass vampire, and we cannot wait to see how it all plays out. Also, there will be some new residents in town, which we expect to lead to major characters getting killed. After all, there's no mercy on this show.
  • Human Target Fox Oct 1 If you didn't follow Fringe's Mark Valley or Pushing Daisies' Chi McBride or Watchmen's Jackie Earle Haley to this show, then you missed out on a season of MacGyver-esque escapades that were almost A-Team-like in their preposterousness. Of course, minus the nostalgia factor, not every episode was as awesome as that sounds. Still, finding out that Christopher Chance got his name from The Fall Guy is pretty cool, and we need to see if he and Armand Assante will be able to rescue McBride's character from some goons. Also, a new female lead (Indira Varma) has been added to the mix this season, in the form of a billionaire client who becomes a controlling partner of the company, so the show won't be as much of a sausagefest.
  • Supernatural 9 PM CW  Sept. 24 We've been tough on Supernatural lately, and rightly so, but they've got a new showrunner in Sera Gamble (creator Eric Kripke needs a long vacation) for this season, and she's promised to cut back on the mythology that's been dragging the show down and incorporate more fun, monster-of-the-week episodes. So, for the first time in a couple years, we may be spared an impending apocalypse, maybe there won't even be nary a Winchester in hell and maybe, just maybe, Dean will be able to order a burger in a disgusting diner without Sam getting all judgmental on him for a whole season. Ch-ch-changes...
  • Smallville 8 PM CW Sept.24 When last we saw Clark Kent, he'd been stabbed in the gut with blue kryptonite and was falling off of a tall building. We're sure he'll be fine, but given that the late Pa Kent (John Schneider) will make an appearance this season, Clark may see the other side before he comes back. Supergirl will also return, hopefully to kill Lois now that she's found out that Clark is the Blur, and Chloe will supposedly leave the show -- which is strange, because it was recently announced that Chloe was going to be introduced in the Superman comic books. We guess ten years is a long time to play any character. Hopefully, that means this tenth season will be the last -- for real this time -- and it'll go out on a bang with Clark facing off against Darkseid and the New Gods. But we've been surprised before. And not always in a good way.   We already knew that Papa Kent would be back, but now it looks like Papa Luthor (John Glover) is also returning for "Smallville's" 10th and final season. Can we have the sons go head to head? We're waiting on you, Michael Rosenbaum!
  • Stargate Universe Sept 28 9 PM Syfy
  • Sanctuary Sept 28 10 PM Syfy The third season of Sanctuary, starring Amanda Tapping, goes into its third season on the Sy-Fy Channel with new special effects and even more episodes.
    Sci-fi fans won’t have to wait much longer for the third season of the Sy-Fy channel’s top-rated show Sanctuary starring Amanda Tapping to premiere. The show enters its third season on September 28th with an ambitious twenty new episodes instead of its usual thirteen. Sanctuaryinterview he gave at Comic-Con 2010. creator, Damian Kindler, hopes that the additional twenty episodes will help bolster the background of the characters in the upcoming season, according to an
  • V? November sometime..."It comes back in November, and we just started filming. And it's so much better. I feel like [season one] set the groundwork and then it's off and running, which I needed it to be. It's more fun for me. [Erica]'s far more intense," she says. Bret Harrison, who starred in the CW's sadly short-lived Reaper, has joined the cast of V in a recurring role. Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, who first broke this "exclusive," says that Harrison will be playing Dr. Sidney Miller, an evolutionary biologist who may have the scoop on what caused the sky to turn red in the finale.  Look for him to show up first in the Season 2 premiere, when Erica comes to his doorstep looking for answers.
  • Caprica? January 11th rattles around my brain... What is their deal?


  • The Event: NBC 9 PM Sept 20th This is another complicated, high-concept show like FlashForward, so we were totally hesitant about getting invested. Now that we've seen the pilot, we already like Jason Ritter far more than Joseph Fiennes, although we're worried the show will fall victim to unflattering Lost comparisons (and not just because both had crashing planes in their pilots). The storyline involves a mysterious government operation and how it affects the lives of everyone from the president (Blair Underwood) to a guy on vacation with his girlfriend. Laura Innes co-stars in a totally shady role, which brings back fond ER memories. There's enough intrigue in the premiere to make us want to go along for the ride... but if Dominic Monaghan suddenly shows up with a missing finger, all bets are off.
  • 'No Ordinary Family'  ABC 8 PM Tuesday Don't worry, this show isn't really attempting to be the new Heroes; these aren't folks from all around the world coming together to prevent some massive catastrophe. Instead, the show's about a family that goes on vacation, crash-lands in a mysterious lagoon and ends up returning home as supercharged beings with powers of speed, strength, smarts and telepathy. It's more like The Incredibles with the spirit of the original Stan Lee-Jack Kirby Fantastic Four. Michael Chiklis plays an unstoppable force (much like his Fantastic Four character); Julie Benz, Kay Panabaker and Jimmy Bennett round out the nuclear family. Romany Malco from 40 Year Old Virgin steals most of his scenes as Chiklis' overenthusiastic best friend and advisor.
  • $#*! My Dad Says! 8:30 PM Sept. 23 CBS William Shatner might want to stick with interviewing criminals because he's far better at that than he is on this tossed-together series based on a Twitter feed. That's not to say that the Twitter feed isn't amusing, but this is a watered-down, sanitized version. There are no Archie Bunker-style insights here, only predictable jokes about a father being disappointed in his son.
  • Walking Dead  Premieres October AMC AMC has greenlit The Walking Dead as a six-episode series based on the comic book written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. The Walking Dead tells the story of life following a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, traveling in search of a safe and secure home. Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually, Teachers, Strike Back) will portray the lead role of Rick Grimes while actor Jon Bernthal (The Pacific, The Ghost Writer) will portray the character Shane, who worked with Rick in the police department before the zombie disaster. Other cast includes Laurie Holden (The Shield), who plays Andrea, one of two sisters who join the survivors of the zombie plague, Steven Yeun as Glenn, an expert scavenger and Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), who plays Rick's wife Lori. The Walking Dead begins production in June in Atlanta with six, one-hour episodes for season one. The series is set to premiere in October 2010 during AMC Fearfest, the network's annual blockbuster marathon of thriller and horror films. AMC announced development of The Walking Dead in August 2009 and announced the pilot in January of this year.
  • About the Producers Robert Kirkman serves as an executive producer on the project and three-time Academy Award-nominee Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) serves as writer, director and executive producer. Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator, Aliens, Armageddon, The Incredible Hulk), chairman of Valhalla Motion Pictures, serves as Executive Producer. David Alpert from Circle of Confusion serves as Executive Producer. Charles “Chic” Eglee (Dexter, The Shield, Dark Angel) will also serve as Executive Producer, and Jack LoGiudice (Sons of Anarchy, Resurrection Blvd) will serve as Co-Executive Producer.


Dr. Phlox Is Turning In His Tricorder For A Little "Leverage"   John Bilingsly will be a guest at the Farpoint Con

Catchy title, eh? We spent a good deal of our evening coming up with that little gem. We'll maybe not the whole evening... Anyway, since we've started re-watching "Enterprise" from the very beginning, we've fallen in love with Dr. Phlox, all over again. At the moment, and this could change at anytime, Phlox has become our favorite Trek doc. Not that we don't love Bones, The EMH, Dr. Bashir, & Dr. Crusher (well maybe not Crusher). The man responsible for bringing Phlox to life, John Billingsley, is joining a show that seems to be a new magnet for Trek talent, TNT's "Leverage".  On the list of Trek alumni who have worked on "Leverage" he joins the likes of Wil Wheaton, Jeri Ryan, & Jonathan Frakes. In an interview with iFMagazine.com, John talks about how he scored his new role and what it was like working on the set. iF MAGAZINE: How did you become involved in LEVERAGE? JOHN BILLINGSLEY: I auditioned, which is the fate these days for most character actors, as opposed to the days of yore, when we might get offered the occasional part flat out. Many years ago, the casting gals, Angela Terry and Barbara Stordahl, cast me in COLD CASE and they brought me in earlier this season to audition for an episode that Jonathan Frakes was directing, about a dweeby guy who’s helping the Iranian government. Arye Gross got it and I was disappointed at the time, because I thought it was a fun part and it seemed like a fun show and I love to work with Jonathan, but as is the way of things, you get lucky sometimes, because the second go-round was a particularly charming episode, I thought, plus Arvin Brown was directing. It’s a tough choice between Arvin and Jonathan, because they’re both wonderful guys and wonderful directors. Arvin I’d worked with several times before, so I feel really fortunate that I got to get a second whack at the piñata.

ScifFi Five in Five:

The Top 5 Shows That Should Never Be Remade by Televixen 1. Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey 2. Metropolis 3. Plan 9 from Outer-space 4. City of Lost Children 5. Wall*E


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