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scifidiner212SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 212 – Han Solo: The Bane of Star Wars VII

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  Trivia: Luke Skywalker's uncle Owen has just purchased two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO. Luke has been assigned to clean and maintain them. In the process of working on R2-D2, Luke discovers that his 'little friend' is carrying a secret message, delivered by a beautiful holographic woman. When Luke asks C-3PO if he recognizes this woman, does C-3PO specifically identify her?
News: The Doctor Returns: Doctor will return to a familiar setting in the Who season 8 finale Can you believe it? Peter Capaldi is nearly done filming his very first year as the Doctor. Exciting! And, to finish off, he's returning to a scene where his previous two incarnations visited not so very long ago -- the National Museum of Cardiff. Doctor Who has filmed in that space a few times, including "Planet of the Dead" and "The Big Bang," but it was used recently visited in the 50th Anniversary episode, "Day of the Doctor." The reason that's so notable, is because a prop was seen on set that seems decidedly Gallifreyan. Yes, what seems to be a grave marker that reads, "Rest in Peace. We Promise." Well, if you promise, inanimate object, then it must be true. But probably not. Of course, the Gallifreyan symbol is what makes the prop so interesting. Who is that memorial stone for? The Master? All of Gallifrey? Or, indeed, the Doctor, himself? And, considering the fact that the last time we were at the Cardiff Museum, there was a very special guest appearance from a classic Doctor, we can't help but wonder -- is Tom Baker set to make a return? Speculate away!
News: Will Harrison Ford’s injury affect Star Wars 7? All you "Star Wars" nerds, take a deep breath. There's no need for your brains to go all Death Star. UK website Jedi News reports Harrison Ford's injury is worse than initially reported, and he could be away from the set of "Star Wars: Episode VII" for six months. Or possibly longer. Breathe ... inhalers ... come on, now ... "Star Wars" fan sites are reporting there was an emergency meeting Monday morning at London's Pinewood Studios, now that estimates say Ford will be away longer than estimated, recovering from the broken leg he suffered when one of the hydraulic doors on the Millennium Falcon fell on him. Among the options reportedly discussed were temporarily ceasing production, re-writing the script to accommodate Ford's recovery, or ... (breathe) writing Ford out of the script entirely. Excuse me a second (begins sobbing, feverishly tears apart room, looking for inhaler). While we all keep breathing, remember that this is only a rumor and no one from LucasFilm, Disney or director J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot production company has commented. But even if part of these reports are true, it doesn't bode well for the film's planned December 2015 release. As U.K. pop culture site Metro reports, Ford was considered the lead actor in the movie, with Han Solo supposedly being a big part of the plot. Hey, I have an idea. Tom Selleck was almost Indiana Jones. Why doesn't someone call and see what he's up to?
Trek News: Nestle foods is trying to make a real-life, Star Trek-style food replicator What better way to make sure we’re all perfectly healthy, be it on a starship or right here on Earth, than to create a machine that figures out exactly what we need, then let it make the food to fill it. Welcome to the future. Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) has kicked off research and development on project “Iron Man,” which will investigate how essential nutrients affect the body, brain and gastrointestinal functions. They’ve already added 100 new scientists for the initiative. The goal? To develop a device to scan our nutrient needs, then design food around those needs, not unlike the replicators/previous models for food production featured in the various Star Trek series. In an interview with Bloomberg, NIHS director Ed Baetge said these proposed foods would be more effective at treating vitamin and nutrient deficiency than the supplements we currently use. According to Baetge, the goal would be for these devices to pop up in kitchens across the world over the next few decades, eventually becoming as ubiquitous as all our other creature comforts: “Out comes your food at the press of a button. If we do this right, it can be the next microwave in your kitchen.” This is a fascinating concept, and the applications are positively endless. Not only could this thing be a huge boon to health right here at home — with people finally having the access and knowledge to consume the exact items needed for optimal health -- but, looking toward the future, you could pop one of these devices on a future Enterprise and keep your space explorers nice and healthy as they explore the stars. But the big questions — can it make a good cup of Earl Grey tea? How’s the ice cream? Can I get a martini?
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