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SciFi Diner Conversations 63

Listener's Weigh In On Total Recall 2012,

Zombie's Run, the Falling Skies Finale,

Our Logan's Run Review, Fall TV Series,

Nathan Lowell and More

In this listener feedback show, Listener's Weigh In On Total Recall 2012, the Falling Skies Finale, Our Logan's Run Review, Fall TV Series, Nathan Lowell and More.

(Miles) The episode of the Delta Quadrant's review of Deadlock is now available. Yours truly had the opportunity to review it with them. The folks at Delta Quadrant are good people. They have an open invitation policy for listeners that would like to guest host. Just as long as there's a spot open. The link is below.


The song at the end of the episode is The Final Rewind by Tyrad 

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